Buildings like this are assembled in regions that have suffered the most through the war, where the Russian army has significantly damaged or destroyed primary healthcare facilities. 

New modular clinics for primary care are built in villages Lyptsi and Kamianka in Kharkiv Oblast. The blocks for one can be assembled into a clinic in 10-14 days, after which patients can receive medical care there. In Lyptsi, doctors will accept 45 people per day, and 20–30 people per day will be able to go to the modular clinic in Kamianka. Ministry of Health informed about the project. 

“Along with [Ukrainian] Ministry of Health, we’re sustaining an infrastructure where doctors and nurses will be able to provide patients — especially patients with chronic conditions — with medical care within regions that have issues with access to vital primary care and medications,” noted the WHO representative in Ukraine, Jarno Habicht. 

According to MoH, the modular clinic in Lyptsi will serve the hromada of about 6,700 people; five doctors will work there. Mobile brigades with a doctor and a nurse will operate in Kamianka. Apart from this, it’s planned to organize visits of specialty doctors [to the village], particularly cardiologists, gynecologists, surgeons, and others. Nurses will take shifts in the clinic. 

Modular healthcare facilities will continue to work during blackouts — they’re provided with generators and ventilators to maintain optimal environments inside.

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