UKRAINE, KHARKIV OBLAST, Jul 10 — In the Kharkiv direction, in the 60 days since the start of the new offensive, the Russians have lost about 91% of their troops, reported Viktor Solimchuk, deputy commander of the “Kharkiv” group of forces, during the briefing.

Russia started their new offensive north and northeast in the Kharkiv region in May, but Ukrainian troops have stabilized the frontline in this section since. Now, heavy battles are ongoing in and around Vovchansk (three miles from the border, 46 miles away from Kharkiv) and near Lyptsi (six miles from the border, 12 miles from Kharkiv.)

According to Viktor Solimchuk, 10,350 Russian soldiers participated in the new offensive. Of these, the Ukrainian army killed 2,939, injured 6,509, and captured 45 more.

“Most of the prisoners are convicts or debtors who came to the war to make money. The Russians have suffered heavy losses in the Kharkiv direction, and they have to withdraw entire military units for regrouping,” Solimchuk said.

During the new offensive, the Russian army lost most of its 138th Motorized Rifle Brigade and 83rd and 157th Tank Regiments in Vovchansk. Their 83rd Air Assault Brigade also constantly suffers losses, sometimes several dozen people a day, which is confirmed by both prisoners and radio intercepts. 

The commander of the operational battalion of the 13th National Guard Brigade “Khartia” said in an interview with Gwara Media that the Ukrainian military had stopped the Russian army’s movement towards Kharkiv, so the 13th Brigade of the National Guard “Khartia” and other combat units are creating conditions to push the Russians back.

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  • In the Kharkiv direction, there were eight combat clashes in Vovchansk, Starytsia, and Lyptsi over the past day, reported the General Staff.