Ukrainian defender fought for his life for two weeks after a serious accident. The Polish journalist Karolina Baca-Pogorzelska, who was caring for him in hospital, reported the death of the soldier on her social media.

“You left the day after I had a dream. You got up out of the hospital bed in the gown I saw you in the last time I was allowed to see you, without any traces of the accident or surgery,” she posted.

Maciej Bednarski, 49, was a junior sergeant in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He served in the 53rd Separate Mechanised Brigade, in the motorised infantry. Before that, he was a volunteer in Ukraine. He joined the Ukrainian army to fight for the freedom of Poland.

“This is our war too. I didn’t want it to happen again,” Bednarski explained back in October this year in an interview with Radio Zet. The Polish volunteer said that he decided to join the Ukrainian army after seeing photos from Bucha and Irpin in Kyiv Oblast.

Maciej Bednarski was a soldier in Poland in the 1990s and until recently worked in the port of Gdynia. In January, he was to turn 50.

“I was counting down to your 50th birthday, because it’s already in January. But in war you can’t plan anything, can you? We were looking forward to this meeting in Kharkiv. Now I have a feeling that if you hadn’t been given the pass you’ve been waiting for, you would still be alive, and we would have talked for hours on the phone, as we used to” wrote Karolina Baca-Pogorzelska.

Doctors in Kharkiv planned to bring the defender out of a coma and transport him to Kyiv. The journalist thanked them for doing everything they could to save the soldier.

The editorial team of Gwara Media expresses sincere condolences to the family and friends of the fallen Polish soldier who defended Ukraine.

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