Klych cooperates with event organizers in Europe and the USA, in particular in New York, Boston, Chicago, Austin, San Antonio, Atlanta, and other cities. The project aims to build a community and help Ukrainians to create rallies abroad.

According to the Village Ukraine, the authors of Klych are the founder of the charity project “Come Back Alive” Vitaly Deinega, the GogolFest event manager Mariia Moroz and the Ukrainier community manager Sofia Anzheliuk.

“Klych is a community of creators of rallies and large-scale events in support of Ukraine. We are combining the efforts of the founders and members of various organizations so that the voices of Ukrainian activists are unified in your cities in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Join to get the latest information on the biggest events that will help the bravest nation win the war,” invite the organizers on Instagram.

Klych has already conducted more than 30 rallies in North America and in 33 cities in Europe. One of the global campaigns, the World rally “The circle of defense” took place on Oct. 14-16.

“The essence of the actions is simple – Ukrainians stand around outstanding architectural monuments, forming a “circle of protection” to show that we are protecting the whole world from the war. After the rally, participants post photos and videos with the tag #DefendingUkraine.”

Earlier this month, the European Commission unveiled a new online tool EU Talent Pool to help Ukrainian refugees find jobs in the European Union.