The project “Naodyntsi” (Alone) aims to support thousands of Ukrainian women and men who have lost their loved ones in the war.

The photo exhibition opens on April 26-30 at the Buzok Center (Sumska Street, 25). The official ceremony will take place on April 26 at 16:00.

  • Ksenia Biriukova from Kharkiv lost her husband Mykhailo Mitusov in August 2022;
  • Angelina Popsui from Dnipro lost her husband Oleksandr Popsui in October 2022;
  • Indira Baranetska from Odesa lost her husband Viacheslav Baranetskyi in September 2022;
  • Maria Onyshchenko from Kyiv lost her husband Andrii Onyshchenko in July 2022;
  • Eva Fialka from Lviv lost her husband Dmytro Fialka in September 2022.

The Memorial platform implemented the project. The team collects information about civilians and soldiers killed in the war to preserve the memory of each person. Kateryna Moskaliuk, journalist and documentary photographer, is the author of the photo project.

“My photo project tells the stories of five women from different cities in Ukraine whose military husbands were killed in the war. These are stories of love and loss, of tenderness and pain. The women talked about their favorite places where they liked to spend time with their husbands, and showed them things that remind them of their loved ones and how they are trying to move on with their lives. My photo project is about women whose husbands chose our lives over theirs,” says Kateryna.

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