The Russian army keeps up the attempts to conduct an offensive around three settlements of Kharkiv Oblast. 

During the last day, the Ukrainian military fought off 25 Russian attacks in the Kupiansk direction: 15 attacks around the settlements Synkivka, Ivanivka, and Kyslivka of Kharkiv Oblast and another ten attacks near Nadiia in Luhansk Oblast. General Staff reports on this in their morning briefing. 

In the Slobozhanskyi direction, Russian troops maintain a military presence in the borderlands, create diversions to hold the Ukrainian army in place, and prevent them from relocating to more [threatening] directions. They also increase the density of mine-explosive barriers along the border in Belgorod oblast. 

During the past day, Russians also hit the Pishchane in the Kupiansk direction with airstrikes. 

Apart from it, yesterday, on October 17, Russian troops shelled Kharkiv with missiles

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