Today you can buy not only some material stuff for cryptocurrency but also works of digital art. NFT paintings market is spinning up in Ukraine as well as in the rest of the world. You don`t have to take part in exhibitions, transport your paintings and bother with organizational aspects anymore. To make money on your art without leaving a house is probably a dream come true for nearly every artist. But is it enough to only upload your work on different platforms to find success?

Disclaimer: most of the platforms for NFT selling are built on two types of blockchain: Proof of Stake (PoS) і Proof of Work (PoW).

Proof of Stake (PoS) – is used for such cryptocurrencies as Tezos. Soon Ethereum currency will be transferred to this model too. Why? This type of blockchain is considered to be more environmentally friendly since it is used much less energy for transactions than it is for Proof of work.

Proof of work (PoW) – this blockchain is used in the most popular currencies: Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and others. It`s much more energy-consuming but less vulnerable to attacks. But experts think of the PoS та PoW hybrid system as the best type.

NFT selling platforms also can be different. They can be divided into two types:

  • The ones with invitations. To get there you need to go through the moderation or get an invitation;
  • Open ones. Anyone can sign up and sell their art. For example, Hic et Nunc.

Artists give pieces of advice to other artists who are going to or planning to sell paintings for cryptocurrency. They`ve already successfully integrated this method into their lives.

Vira DG or Viraverze, in real life – Vira Dehtyarʹova. An artist sells her works on various crypto art platforms. Since 2019 the creator has been working in augmented reality (AR). The success of her art is not only in her style, talent but also in persistent working on her brand promotion. So, she advises paying more attention to this part.

«It`s quite difficult to be noticed on a platform. A painting can be not visible due to the huge amount of crypto art. Even if you`ll post on Twitter, put some hashtags, it`s not enough. It`s highly important to be active, gain subscribers and support other artists. They will be so grateful, you`ll also be supported in return, at least by reposts and comments. But this is what actually makes account alive and more recognizable.”

Vira says it is very important to be active within the community. This can be done with a help of social networks. At the moment, Clubhouse rooms are still popular among art lovers and artists. According to Vira, you can meet collectors there or people with whom you can make a cake, just feel the support. It is important to share your own values, ideas, and people close to you will definitely support you.

That is why the artist advises: “The main advice is to be yourself. This is something that all collectors appreciate. No one needs copies of others. Just be yourself as much as possible and enjoy the process.”


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Artist Bohdan Kiyas @ Kiya5ura Bo also advises doing what the heart needs and bail on the rules. Today, this guy works with augmented and virtual reality and in the Minin Art Hub, together with the NGO “Embassy of Artists” and NGO “Kvitnyk” which promotes NFT VR and AR.

“All these schools and courses have driven most designers and artists to the limit. Creative people become closed and then start looking for rules everywhere. Then there is: “I did it not according to the rules. I’m probably a bad artist.” There is no such thing in cryptocurrency. ”

He advises doing as you like, despite the rules. In this space, there is a place for diverse creativity. This is a feature of crypto art. There will always be a person for each artist for whom your work will be valuable.


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The artist Mykyta Khudyakov was one of the first in Ukraine to start working with NFT. He advises beginners to focus on personal development.

“Communicate more, get inspired, see what others are doing. I think you need to constantly look for new ways to present your art. You can enter the crypto art market from completely different angles.”

In addition, the artist advises not to adapt to someone’s preferences. He tells stories about times when other artists create paintings specifically for the tastes of collectors and invent stories of how they come up with this piece of work.

  • The universal rule is openness and honesty. Nobody likes to be lied to.
  • If you create opportunistic works for a particular collector and invent a fake story for this, it is strategically wrong.
  • If you do any other unethical things. For example, if you sell work that is not yours, it will cause you much more problems later… As soon as it becomes known, the community gives up on this person, and it is unlikely that he will be able to develop in any way.


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This material was prepared by Daria Kotelnikova, translated by Kateryna Chepiuk in the scope of Gwara Media’s volunteer program