UKRAINE, May 16 — Foreigners have founded 2,652 companies in Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Among them are citizens of more than 100 countries, reported Opendatabot, a service for monitoring the registration data of companies in Ukraine.

The service data shows that Turkish citizens open businesses in Ukraine most often among all foreign founders. Residents of Turkey are listed as owners of 354 (13%) Ukrainian companies.

Also, according to Opendatabot, Uzbekistan citizens own 274 (10%) new Ukrainian companies and hold the second position in the rating. Polish citizens round out the top three with 193 businesses (7%) of the total number of companies with foreign owners opened after 2022.

The top list includes citizens of the United States, Kazakhstan, Germany, Azerbaijan, and Israel. One company may have more than one owner.

The largest business opened by foreigners has an authorized capital of $32 million, and its owner is an Armenian citizen. The second largest company has an authorized capital of $17 million, and its owner is a US citizen. Third is a business with an authorized capital of $7.6 million, owned by a Polish citizen.

The Minister of Economy Yuliia Svyrydenko said, in 2023, women founded 56% of new businesses in Ukraine. In particular, women are among 55% of recipients of “Vlasna Sprava” grants [a program that allows Ukrainians to receive financial support from the state in the form of a microgrant for their businesses — ed.].

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  • As of the beginning of 2022, about 2,100 agricultural enterprises of various forms of ownership were registered in the Kharkiv Oblast, the deputy head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Yevhen Ivanov, said during a briefing.