Russian propaganda has already produced a lot of fake covers about the Ukrainian counteroffensive. This time, we have a supposedly new cover of the German newspaper Handelsblatt and another interpretation of the “failed” counteroffensive theme.

What happened?

Pro-Russian Telegram channels, such as “BelVestnik,” “,” and “Kovpak Squad,” placed in their news feed a publication with the alleged new cover of the German newspaper Handelsblatt. It shows a crashed tank with the caption, “This isn’t a counterattack; it’s a bloody crash test.”


On the German business publication Handelsblatt website, we did not find an issue with this cover.

The cover shared by the channels is said to have been published over the weekend of June 23-25, 2023, under the number 119.

However, under this number, the edition of Handelsblatt on the specified dates had a different cover with “In a climate trap” headline.

Conclusion: fake

The cover is another example of Russian propaganda trying to devalue the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

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