UKRAINE, KHARKIV OBLAST, June 11 — Kharkiv and the region will receive nine cogeneration units to generate electricity and heat, announced Tomáš Kopečný, Czech Republic Government Commissioner for the Reconstruction of Ukraine, during a meeting with Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov.

In the spring of 2024, the Russian army had attacked Ukrainian energy facilities with missiles and drones strikes. Russian attack on Kharkiv in March 2024 destroyed power and heating infrastructure supplying the city and Kharkiv Oblast. Due to the damage caused by Russian missile strikes, power plants are unable to generate enough electricity to cover all consumer needs.

Kharkiv will receive three cogeneration units from the Czech Republic and the rest will go to cities and villages of its region. 

During a meeting with Tomáš Kopečný, Ihor Terekhov also said that the World Bank will allocate €47 million so that, within the next two months, Kharkiv would receive the equipment necessary to ensure the city’s functioning. 

As Kharkiv Regional Military Administration reported on April 17, representatives of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine and heads of Czech businesses offered to help restore the energy, heating, and healthcare systems in the Kharkiv Oblast.

According to international partners, to restore energy capacities and provide the Kharkiv Oblast with alternative energy sources, the Czech partners are ready to organize fundraising campaigns around the world like they did when they ran a campaign to purchase shells for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.  

A Russian missile attack on energy infrastructure on March 22 severely damaged Kharkiv’s Thermal Power Plant-5. It might take several years to rebuild and restore it.

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  • As part of the initiative to purchase artillery ammunition, Ukraine may receive 1.5 million shells. Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský said this during an interview in Prague, Bloomberg reported.