The State Border Guard Service (DPSU) spokesman Andriy Demchenko said that Ukrainian defenders understand this threat: anti-sabotage reserves have been created, and UAVs are being used to monitor the border and the borderline.

“The risk from enemy subversive reconnaissance groups remains the same. I can add that for a certain period, the activity of enemy subversive reconnaissance groups was recorded mainly in the Sumy direction. Over the last period, we have also recorded the work of enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups in Kharkiv Oblast, and this is also a danger for Chernihiv region,” he said during the national telethon.

According to Demchenko, the task of the Russian subversive groups is to expose the locations of the Ukrainian Defense Forces units to strike further and, if possible, destroy Ukrainian defenders.

Border guards in Kharkiv Oblast

Border guards have raised the Ukrainian flag at the Budarky checkpoint in Kharkiv region on the border with the Russian Federation. The Stalevyi Cordon (Steel Border – Eng.) Guard Service of Ukraine reported this on Facebook, posting a video.

The State Border Guard Service noted that this checkpoint is located directly on the state border and has not been operating since the full-scale invasion of Russia.

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New mandatory evacuation may be announced in Kharkiv Oblast. The decision to expand the forced evacuation zone in Kharkiv Oblast has not yet been approved. Presently, 243 children live in the Kupiansk community, which may potentially be evacuated.