During the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 25 Ukrainians were killed, most of them with dual citizenship. Michael Brodsky, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel to Ukraine, provided the updated data during a briefing in Kyiv, RFL reported.

According to him, in total, more than 1,400 people died during these events, and about 5,000 more were injured.

“What happened can be compared to the events of September 11. For many reasons. Foremost, because Israel was not prepared for what happened, and the terrorists managed to take us by surprise,” added Brodsky.

Nachman Dickstein, the head of the Israeli rescue organization ZAKA in Ukraine, who was present at the ambassador’s briefing, saw firsthand the consequences of Hamas’ attack on the participants of the music festival near Gaza on October 7.

“I helped rescue people and collect bodies. And, according to him, most of them showed signs of violent death and torture, and volunteers “found children with an axe in their heads. In addition, Hamas members threw grenades into local shelters,” he said.

At the same time, Brodsky noted, “As for evacuation from Israel, there is no problem.”


UN recognizes Russian army responsible for missile strike on Hroza in Kharkiv Oblast. According to the report, the UN mission stated that it had “reasonable grounds” to believe that Russia had launched a deadly missile strike on the village of Hroza. Although Russia did not directly admit responsibility for the attack, the Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Security Council described the memorial event in Hroza as a legitimate military target – “an assertion that contradicts the information collected and verified by the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine”.