Kharkiv is one of the most damaged cities due to armed Russian aggression. Among other civilian infrastructure objects, Kharkiv sports facilities were heavily affected. According to the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, 11 Kharkiv sports infrastructure facilities were destroyed and damaged by shelling.

Akvarena Olympic Training and Sports Center

Olympic Training and Sports Center “Akvarena,” June 29, 2023 / Photo: Oleksandr Magula, Gwara Media

The Akvarena sports complex came under fire on March 11, 2022. The attack damaged the complex and destroyed the boiler room.

“The building of the Akvarena sports complex was damaged. Olympic swimming champion Yana Klochkova once trained in this complex. There are no military objects near the building, only the flag of Ukraine. Investigators inspected the scene and recorded damages,” said Serhii Bolvinov, head of the Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Kharkiv Oblast.

Unifecht Sports Сlub 

Unifecht Sports Club, June 29, 2023 / Photo: Oleksandr Magula, Gwara Media

On March 5, due to the Russian airstrike, the Karazin University’s Unifecht sports complex, located on Otakar Yarosh Lane, was severely damaged.

“You know, a projectile hit us. But we survived. And for sure, we will rebuild everything soon, with the whole of Ukraine, which is just waiting for recovery. Currently, part of the Karazin sports complex, the roof over the fencing hall, has been destroyed. This only means that later we will make a new roof there, an even better one,” the Instagram page of the complex noted.

According to the facility website, Unifecht partially resumed its work. Gym, fitness room, aerobics, dance, cardio zone, aqua aerobics, swimming pool, bath and sauna, massage, Charcot shower, and fencing training are available for the visitors.

Lokomotiv sports complex

Lokomotiv Sports Complex, June 29, 2023 / Photo: Oleksandr Magula, Gwara Media

On Sept. 2, 2022, Russian troops fired S-300 missiles at the Lokomotiv sports complex at around midnight. The swimming pool and the boxing club were destroyed. The facility was renovated last February.

Before the full-scale invasion, Lokomotiv hosted various sports events, including volleyball, mini-football, basketball, and handball competitions, as well as exhibitions, concerts, and other mass events. The sports facility was designed for Lokomotiv Kharkiv volleyball team training and games. The facility hall includes 5,000 seats, a hotel, restaurants, and showers.

Polytechnic sports complex

Polytechnic sports complex, June 29, 2023 / Photo: Oleksandr Magula, Gwara Media

The National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” sports complex was destroyed on the night of June 24, 2022. The Russian rocket caused a fire on about 200 square meters.

On July 20, the university’s website published a post about collecting funds for the sports complex reconstruction. 

On June 1, a restored 50-meter swimming pool was opened and is already functioning.

The sports complex, with a total area of 8602 square meters, was built in 1985-1991. It contains an athletic arena, two swimming pools, a game hall, specialized halls for wrestling, gymnastics, table tennis, aerobics, and a gym. The complex also has a stadium with tennis, mini-football, and basketball fields.

The Polytechnic sports complex destroyed by a Russian strike / Photo: Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office

Russian attacks damaged not only the objects mentioned above but also the Kharkiv Republican Sports Boarding Lyceum, the Children’s and Youth Sports School “KhTZ,” the Children’s and Youth Sports School of Water Sports of Yana Klochkova, the sports base Kharkiv-Arena and other.

According to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, 47 sports infrastructure facilities were destroyed and damaged in Kharkiv Oblast. The estimated losses amount reached UAH812,2 million (~$22mln).


The Ministry of Youth and Sports does not allocate funds for restoration, as all sports facilities are state or communal property. However, it is planned to restore all the affected objects as part of the general reconstruction program of Ukraine after hostilities.

According to this plan, by the beginning of 2026, 50% of sports facilities throughout Ukraine will be restored and equipped. The estimated budget for this project is UAH35 billion (~$947mln).

Some objects are starting to be restored at their own expense or are looking for investors, noted Head of the Youth and Sports Department of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration Kostyantyn Ananchenko. In particular, in the School of Higher Sports Mastery, the windows broken due to shelling have been replaced.

“School of Higher Sports Mastery” municipal institution, June 29, 2023 / Photo: Oleksandr Magula, Gwara Media

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