On December 11, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy will start his trip to the United States of America. The President’s Office reported that he will meet with U.S. President Joseph Biden and hold a series of meetings and negotiations.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy will focus on ensuring the unity of the United States, Europe and the world around supporting Ukraine in its defence against Russian terror and in strengthening the international order based on rules and respect for the sovereignty of each nation.

Key topics at the talks in Washington will include the continuation of defence cooperation between Ukraine and the United States, including joint projects to produce weapons and air defence systems, as well as coordination of the two countries’ efforts next year.

Aid to Ukraine

The allocation of additional aid to Ukraine is supported by a majority of the US Congress in both chambers, both Republicans and Democrats, according to lawmakers. The main controversy now lies in the format of the bill’s introduction for a vote.

Democrats demand voting for everything as a package: funding for assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, along with strengthening US border security with Mexico.

Republicans, on the other hand, are calling for each bill to be considered separately, and for aid to Ukraine to be combined with US border issues and stricter migration laws.

Most lawmakers from both parties argue that this is a way of putting pressure on the Biden Administration to pay more attention to the migration crisis.

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President Zelenskyy Visited Ukrainian Military in Kupiansk on November 30. The Kupyansk direction is one of the most challenging, as representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have repeatedly stated. Every day, there are military clashes in this area, in particular, as of November 29, there were 7 of them, but Ukrainian defenders repel the attempts of the occupiers.