KHARKIV, UKRAINE, March 30 – According to preliminary data, the Russian army again hit civilian infrastructure with a guided missile. No casualties have been reported so far.

Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov also reports no casualties. Windows in the building near the bomb explosion were smashed.

“According to preliminary data, the occupants struck civilian infrastructure with a guided missile again. As of now, there are no casualties. There is damage to the glazing in residential buildings. Specialized services are working on the ground,” said Oleh Syniehubov, head of the regional military administration.

Earlier, the Governor said Russia’s new aircraft ammunition could reach any area in Kharkiv. According to him, experts have established that the Russians launched two air bombs on Kharkiv from a Sukhoi aircraft: “This is an airborne missile that clings to an aircraft. It was modified to be guided and hit ground targets.”

The bombs were launched from Russia’s Belgorod region, flying 72–74 kilometers. Russia is inventing new means of destruction. There is an “evolution” of the KAB: first, the wings were updated, then these wings became movable, and then a new stage – the use of a large-calibre guided munition. It flies farther than the KAB – up to 90 km.

What is UMPB D-30 munition?

The termination of the use of air bombs was because Russian failed to overcome Ukrainian air defense. Now Russian army are coming up with various ways to defeat the Ukrainian air defense system near Kharkiv.

That’s what the UMPB kits are for – universal planning and correction modules, which Russians use to retrofit their bombs, of which Russia has tens of thousands in stock, to fly longer distances and thus evade their aircraft. But we see that we solved this problem with the same wandering Patriot and, managed to do it, shooting down many planes.

Now, Russians have made another attempt and used, so to speak, experimentally, a tool called the UMPB. It appeared only in early March and was first used in Myrnohrad, Donetsk Oblast. When the strike also targeted civilian infrastructure, civilians were injured. Essentially, the Russian army claims that the universal interspecies glider munition that Russia is making is supposed to be highly accurate.