The petition has gained the required 25,000 votes and is being considered by the President.

The petition for the President of Ukraine to introduce a bill allowing declarative renunciation of Russian citizenship upon acquiring Ukrainian citizenship has received the required number of votes. The petition was registered on April 23 by Oleksii Skorbach and a community of Ukrainian citizens with temporary residence permits.

According to the author, due to Russian aggression, some Ukrainian citizens risk losing their acquired Ukrainian citizenship because when a person obtains it, they are obliged to obtain consent to renounce citizenship from the country whose citizenship he or she previously held. Therefore, former Russian citizens must obtain permission from the aggressor state.

“Obtaining consent or permission to renounce citizenship from a country that is committing genocide against Ukrainians is humiliating for Ukrainian citizens. It is also a threat to national security if Ukrainian citizens communicate with representatives of the aggressor country’s authorities while renouncing their Russian citizenship. Such communication should be minimized or stopped altogether,” the petition says.

The community of Ukrainian citizens with temporary certificates as a citizen of Ukraine asks the president to develop and submit to the parliament a draft law requiring them to submit a declaration of renunciation of foreign citizenship to the authorized bodies instead of an obligation to terminate their citizenship.

Oleksii Skorbach hopes that the President’s Office will understand the proposals outlined in the petition.

“Once again, I want to thank everyone (I still do) and convey that this petition is aimed primarily at relieving Russia of pressure on Ukrainian citizens and their families, depriving this terrorist entity of any influence on the process of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship,” the author of the petition stated.

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