Private and public buildings in the Zolochiv community suffered the most, with 1,295 objects destroyed or damaged. In Bohodukhiv community, 44 buildings were damaged, said Anatoliy Rystsov, head of the Bohodukhiv district military administration, at a briefing at the Media Hub.

The total number of damaged and destroyed municipal and state-owned buildings in Bohodukhiv district is 61, of which 60 are in the Zolochiv territorial community.

Anatoliy Rystsov, head of the Bohodukhiv district administration / Photo: Denys Glushko for Gwara Media

“As of July 12, 662 objects in the territory of Zolochivska village community alone were included in the State Register of damaged and destroyed property as a result of hostilities. We have received 88 applications for compensation through the eVostoinstvo electronic public service,” said Anatoliy Rystsov.

According to him, all settlements of Zolochiv community, which suffered the most from the hostilities, are currently supplied with gas. Still, some villages do not have electricity due to regular shelling by the enemy army.

Mine danger

Almost 50,000 hectares of land in Bohodukhiv district, Kharkiv region, are littered with mines. The de-occupied communities and villages located close to the state border in Kharkiv region remain among the most mined in Ukraine.

The north of the Zolochiv community is constantly under adversary fire. Last year, almost half of the land remained unplanted. It is also impossible to work there – the Russian army covers the fields with various types of weapons, also remotely mining these areas.

Anatoliy Rystsov, head of the Bohodukhiv district administration, told about one of the cases when specialists go to repair power lines and start working, they come across an anti-personnel mine. This caused a wheel to be torn off. Some mines are difficult to recognize.

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