UKRAINE, May 24 — Russia has attacked Kharkiv with missiles, glide bombs, or drones strikes 1,700 times since January 2024, said Oleh Syniehubov in the interview with Ukrainska Pravda, published today. 230 of those were missile strikes. 

Russia often attacks Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city that is 19 miles from the state border, targeting civilian and critical infrastructure. The attacks intensified since the Russians began their new ground offensive north and northeast of the Kharkiv region on May 10. 

Answering the question about the situation in Kharkiv, Syniehubov said that the city has air defense, but not “in the numbers necessary” [to protect it]. 

“That’s why what the President is saying about a particular type of air-defense system for Kharkiv specifically is true. It’s very relevant for us right now,” Syniehubov added. 

On May 23, Russia hit Kharkiv and its suburbs with at least 15 missiles. One of these missiles completely destroyed Factor-Druk, one of the largest printing houses in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. During that day, Russian attacks on the city and Kharkiv Oblast killed nine people and injured 44, including an 11-year-old child. 

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his evening address on May 23 that the only reason why Russia can conduct such attacks on Ukrainian cities and lives is restrictions on Ukraine’s defense. Earlier, he said two Patriot systems are necessary to defend Kharkiv and its region. 

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