Dnipro took the 1st place, followed by Odesa, Kharkiv – 5th, and Kyiv – 8th in the Numbeo Crime Index 2024.

The Crime Index for Eastern Europe is an assessment of the overall level of crime in a particular city or country. A crime rate below 20 is very low, 20 to 40 is low, 40 to 60 is moderate, 60 to 80 is high, and over 80 is very high.

Ukrainian cities in the top 20

1. Dnipro54,57
2. Odesa54,11
5. Kharkiv48,6
8. Kyiv45,12
13. Lviv38,32

The crime index takes into account data on:

  • General perception of the level of crime;
  • Perception of safety: responses of residents and visitors to the city to questions about their sense of safety while walking around;
  • Concerns about specific crimes: muggings, robberies, carjackings, physical assaults, harassment in public places, and discrimination based on skin color, ethnicity, gender, or religion;
  • Property crimes: assessing the extent of property crimes, such as burglaries, theft and vandalism;
  • Violent crimes: assessing the perception of violent crimes, including assaults, murders, sexual crimes, etc.

Numbeo is a crowdfunded online database of consumer prices, real estate prices, and quality of life indicators. The website was founded in April 2009 by former Google employee Mladen Adamovic to enable users to share and compare information about the cost and quality of life in countries and cities.

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