Buildings Damaged During Recent Russian Missile Attacks are Being Repaired in Kharkiv 

Yana Sliemzina - 03 January 2024 | 19:03

UKRAINE, KHARKIV, JAN 3 — Russian attacks on Kharkiv on December 29, 30, 31, and January 2 damaged 134 residential apartment buildings. Some of the buildings are now in critical condition. 

The head of the Kharkiv regional military administration, Oleh Syniehubov, talked about the situation in the ether of the national telemarathon. He said that forensics specialists are studying [the buildings, — ed.] because of the threat of [building’s — ed.] total collapse. After the research is done, it’ll be possible to do repairs quickly. 

About the Russian attack on January 2: (Updated) Russian Missile Attack on Kharkiv, in Photos: At Least 63 Injured, One Dead

According to Syniehubov, Zhytomyr and Poltava Oblasts helped [Kharkiv — ed.] with construction materials. They sent about 3 thousand OSB panels to the region. They will be used to shield the windows. He added that 3,000 windows had been blown out in residential apartment buildings (that’s not counting damaged hospitals and administrative buildings). 

The head of the Kharkiv regional military administration said that the windows would be protected first and foremost so that the building wouldn’t be accessed from the street. Right now, the police guard them to prevent marauders from entering. Soon, people will be able to send requests to Diia [a mobile app for e-governance in Ukraine, — ed.] to restore their homes. As for hospitals and administration buildings, they will be repaired with money from the regional budget or will need to wait for subventions. 

Main photo: Russian missile attack on January 2 damaged multiple buildings / Ivan Samoilov for Gwara Media

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