During the 17 months of the full-scale war, about 50,000 Ukrainians have lost their arms or legs, according to the Wall Street Journal, citing estimates by the world’s largest prosthetic manufacturer, the German company Ottobock, and its medical partners.

The WSJ article states that the actual number of amputees may be higher, as prosthetics take time to be made, and some victims wait weeks or even months after being injured for amputation.

In addition, prosthetics can cost up to €50,000, and the Ukrainian government pays up to €20,000 to each injured soldier. Civilians often cannot afford treatment and are forced to turn to charitable organizations.

According to RFE-RL, one of these organizations, the Kyiv-based Houp Foundation, estimates that the number of Ukrainians who have suffered serious injuries in the war reaches 200,000. Approximately 20,000 of them have injuries that require amputation.

The Ukrainian authorities, as well as the Russian authorities, do not publish data on the losses of their military.

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